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The Band

Julie Good & A Dog Named Mike deliver mainstream folk-rock fabric woven by a cast of instrument players from multi-genre backgrounds.  The music genre includes folk and Americana. Core instrumentation includes; acoustic rhythm guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, cajon box drum, percussion, and harmonic vocals. In addition, the recordings include mandolin, violin, horns, and an accordion.


Julie Good & A Couple of Friends (1994)
Conspectus Billy Rey Compilation (1995)
Julie Good & The Bad Girls (1998)
Coffee Conversations (2001)
Julie Good & A Dog Named Mike: The Demo (2006)
Julie Good & A Dog Named Mike: With Steven Doster (2010)


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Band Bio

What exactly is the Good life ? It's a life consisting of all that music has to offer, and Julie Good is the musical performer from San Antonio that offers, as Jim Beal from the San Antonio Express put it-- "home-grown sounds that will run the gamut from folk to flat-out rock'n'roll". Welcome to The Good Life with Julie Good and a Dog Named Mike, and since you might be here a while on the site--just as your stay in this life, enjoy it. Biography: It's noticeable that we are all a reflection of the past experiences we've come from, and it's no different when someone hears the introspective lyrics of singer-songwriter Julie Good. The folksy rock-infused songs featured in her internationally renowned "Coffee Conversations" offer a great opportunity for its listeners to see themselves in the album. The writer of this biography has had the pleasure of getting to know the artist behind the music, appropriately enough over a few "coffee conversations" and even a few "cerveza conversations". I've gotten to know a few snippets of her being: she's a friend, a mother, and a daughter, and artist. The passion her and her band share for music also allow us to see ourselves in it, having played the Texas music circuit and produced music that has garnered international acclaim. Listening to Julie Good and a Dog Named Mike paints this picture of a life unfinished and having gotten to talk to Julie Good, I realize more lies ahead for the her and her music. A bit unorthodox and informal, but her aspirations can best be summed up by a Facebook status update (since we're Facebook buddies and that means we're legitimate friends in real life, right ?). The update was :"Julie Good: plans to finish school and then hit the road with her guitar and go from there." Amen to that. -Tom Mendez, Site Content Writer