Below is a list of courses previously and currently taught by Julie Good.

MUSB 1305 - Survey of the Music Business

An overview of the music industry including songwriting, live performance, the record industry, music merchandising, contracts and licenses, and career opportunities.

Concert Promo/Venue Mgmt MUSB-1341

Concert promotion and venue management. Includes considerations in purchasing a club, concert promotion and advertising, talent buying, city codes, insurance, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Regulation, performance rights organization licenses, personnel management, and concert production and administration.

COMM 1307 - Introduction to Mass Communications

Integrated Reading & Writing Basic Skills Prerequisite: INRW 0420

Survey of the media by which entertainment and information messages are delivered. Includes an overview of the traditional mass media: their functions, structures, supports, and influences.This course fulfills the Social and Behavioral Sciences foundational component area of the core and addresses the following required objectives: Critical Thinking, Communication, Empirical Quantitative Skills, and Social Responsibility.

COMM 2327 - Introduction to Advertising

Prerequisites: COMM 1307 OR MUSB 1305

Integrated Reading & Writing Basic Skills Prerequisite: INRW 0420

Fundamentals of advertising including marketing theory and strategy, copy writing, design, selection of media and analysis.

MUSB 2301 - Music Marketing

Prerequisites: MUSB 1305

Methods of music distribution, retailing, and wholesaling. Includes identifying a target market, image building, distribution (brick and mortar vs. digital delivery), pricing, advertising, and marketing mix.