In order to write a strong recommendation on your behalf, please provide the following information and materials via email with the Subject line “Letter of Reference or Recommendation for Your First and Last Name” to:
If you need more than one letter of recommendation, please send one email that lists the schools and programs as organized by due dates and attach your resume or vita and any other writing samples or such that would be used for each requested letter.  Then, as requested earlier, please send a separate email for each school.
Be sure to change the content in the subject line of your email. Help people help you.
Your name as you will use it on your application
How I am supposed to send my support (snail mail letter, online evaluation, other)
How long have we known each other? 
How did we know each other? 
Contact information for the recipient (receiver information for the letter—contact person, title, institution, department, address, email, phone—at least the mailing address)
Name of degree and degree type (MS, PhD, etc in ________)
Information about the program (what are they looking for? What do they do?)
Why you are interested in this program (how does it relate to what you want to do)
Some examples and/or evidence that demonstrates that you get what they do, are what they are looking for, and that what you want to do fits
Notes about what you think I in particular can say about you that maybe others cannot or otherwise might not/ What can/should I emphasize?
Notes to trigger my memory about your work (remind me of a project, an occasion, or something concrete)
*****Credit to D. Balzhiser for this questionnaire.